Applications of Concrete

History of Concrete

Properties of Concrete

Types of Concrete

Applications of Concrete


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Applications of Concrete

Concrete has been used for construction since ancient times. Modern day concrete application include dams, bridges, swimming pools, homes, streets, patios, basements, balustrades, plain cement tiles, mosaic tiles, pavement blocks, kerbs, lamp-posts, drain covers, benches and so on….

It is interesting to note that over six billion tons of concrete is produced each year, and is the second most widely used substance. Concrete is specific to different applications like rebuilding, mending and construction. Concrete building components in different sizes and shapes are also made before hand and later applied. They include wall panels, doorsills, beams, pillars and more. Post-tensioned slabs is a preferred method for industrial, commercial and residential floor slab construction.

Ready Mixed concrete is durable and hard wearing and is used for variety of applications owing to its crack-resistance and durability. Situ concrete is cast in place, on site. Precast concrete finds application in concrete curtain walls, exterior cladding and structural walls, as it monolithic and can be easily used for two-way structural systems. It is also adjustable to post tensioning and easily adapts to any building shape.

Cast-in-place concretes

Cast-in-place concrete is an unhardened state, like ready-mix, and is placed in moulds. Ready mixed concrete is proportioned and mixed off the project site. It finds application in foundations and slabs-on-ground, walls, beams, columns, floors, roofs, bridges, pavements, and other infrastructure.

Controlled-density fill is used as structural fill, foundation pillar, pavement base an pipe bedding. It is also known as flowable mortar.

Decorative purpose

The life expectancy of concrete flooring materials is much more than other flooring material. It is used to enhance concrete applications and to add colour and texture to interiors, driveways, pathways and patios

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement is made using a mixture of sand, cellulose fibers and cement. It has a wood-like appearance, is durable and used for decorative shapes and trim applications.

Green roof

Vegetative roofs are used in residential societies, office buildings, hospitals, schools, recreational facilities, shopping centers and airports.

Building design

Concrete is used to provide prolonged building benefits by functioning as thermal mass, acoustical barrier and durable structure

White Topping

It is a Portland cement concrete overlay on existing asphalt concrete pavement and used in airport pavements, highways, secondary roads, and other pavements.

Other Applications

  • Beams, drain tiles, piers, steps
  • Post, Beam and Deck
  • Pilasters and round column forms
  • Brickledge application
  • Hardscape < Pavers
  • High Performance Admixtures
  • Masonry
  • Soil solidification
  • Stucco < Tilt-up
  • Insulating Concrete Form
  • Motorways/roads, overpasses and parking structures
  • Brick/block walls and bases for gates, fences and poles
  • Building structure, fences and poles

Over the years, concrete has established itself as a sturdy building material used for different applications. The inherent benefits of using concrete as a construction material are durability, fire-resistance, low maintenance, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Owing its generic qualities, it is not surprising that concrete is used more than any other man-made material on earth.


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