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Types of Concrete

There are different types of concrete. One of the most popular concrete used is Portland cement, mineral aggregates and water. Concrete often solidifies as the cement hydrates and glues all the other components together. It has a high compressive strength and general uses of concrete include pavements, fences, gates, walls and more. In old times, concrete was often referred to as liquid stone. Sometimes external stabilizers are included to concrete to give it desired characteristics. Some of the major concrete types include,

Self-compacting concretes

The Self-compacting concretes use superplasticizers that accounts for the excessive fluidity of the concrete. It acts like a sticky self-levelling fluid that is combined using vibration.


Pump concrete consist of more quantity of sand than normal concrete. It is specifically made smooth to allow easy pumping from roadside to the construction site. Due to the increased quantity of water to make the concrete wet, it also requires more cement to attain the appropriate strength.

Sprayed concrete

Sprayed concrete or Shotcrete makes use of compressed air to cast it to a structure. There are two different kind of sprayed concrete—the dry-mix and the wet-mix concrete. Dry mixed concrete is a dry mixture of cement and aggregates that are shot using compressed air through hoses. The water required for hydration is added at the nozzle. The wet mixture is appropriately hydrated and pumped through hoses. Sprayed concrete is usually reinforced using fiber.

Normal concrete

It is the most common concreting applications. The slump is + 15mm.

Tremmie concrete

This concrete is used for casting columns and loads or any areas where concrete has to flow into position.

Special concrete

Special class might be any concrete specifically required by customers like pre-stressed concrete and light weight concrete.


Chipping concrete is made by passing the mixture between very small spaces, small size stones.


No fines concrete as the name suggests is a concrete with no sand in its mixture. It is a porous mass also known as a washed-out concrete. It uses water so that minimum paste remains stay at the bottom during placing.

Reinforced concrete

Concrete mould wrapped in a mesh of iron rods is called reinforced cement concrete or RCC. Concrete with reinforced steel acquires the capacity to carry enormous loads. It is the most versatile material with a wide range of applications in construction.

Different types of concrete are produced depending upon the end application. The modern types of concrete includes cellular or aerated concrete which is light weight and durable, making it easy to be handled. Aerated concrete is widely used for modern construction as it is mortarless and can be produced with different densities.

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